Mindful Investor was born out of the
100 Stories of Growth campaign.
Both initiatives have received extensive
national and trade media coverage.



Senior Tech Leaders Challenge the State of Mental Health in Tech

To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, 360Leaders brought together influential CEO’s, VCs, HR Directors and Founders from some of the world’s leading technology firms in a summit to address the current challenges faced in the sector. 


World Mental Health Day – why business leaders are so vulnerable to mental illness in a fast-moving digital economy

Although rarely talked about, mental health issues are rife among company founders and leaders due to the risks they need to take and the stress they are constantly under. So what can they do to minimise the impact?

We’ve finally recognised burnout but what can we do to tackle it?

The World Health Organisation has recognised burnout as an illness, which is important for improving understanding of the relationship between work and wellbeing. Guy Tolhurst updates its 20,000 readers about the latest Mindful Investor event and the forward-thinking investors who are leading the way.

How stressed and overworked small business owners can tackle burnout

Following the launch of Mindful Investor, successful founders share their tips for protecting themselves from burnout. These include taking an evening walk, delegation, and opening up to family, friends, and other founders.


New initiative calls for mindful investment

Business Leader speaks to Guy Tolhurst about the need for more mindful investment.


Health kitemark would make investors mindful of burn-out?

City Editor Geoff Ho reports on the launch of Mindful Investor and the UK’s ambitious entrepreneurs.


Business aren’t slot machines

Guy Tolhurst announces the launch of Mindful Investor in CityAM, explaining the benefits of creating a more inclusive and supportive business culture.

How are you really feeling?

Entrepreneurs often neglect their mental health as they pursue their growth ambitions. Courier examines the extraordinary pressures facing entrepreneurs and interviews Mindful Investor’s Guy Tolhurst about how improving investment culture is part of the solution.

Safe spaces for founders

Sifted takes a look at the “safe spaces” springing up to support founders. Guy Tolhurst explains how Mindful Investor complements these excellent initiatives.

Stressed victims of the start-up whirlwind

Guy Tolhurst speaks to The Sunday Times about entrepreneur wellbeing. The article includes insights from inspiring entrepreneurs about their battles with stress, supported by new data from the weare3Sixty team. Jenny Tooth OBE (UKBAA) also imparts some great advice about how investors should be speaking to entrepreneurs.

A Guide to Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Guy Tolhurst, leader of a new mental health initiative for businesses, on the mental and emotional toll entrepreneurship can have, and why we need a rethink on investor support.

Are business survival statistics relevant?

“In the same way our sporting stars do, I passionately believe founders need the right people, tools and support around them to perform at their best on a national or global stage; and the courage to openly discuss the pressures and challenges they face to sustain growth in this competitive environment,” says Guy Tolhurst.

Guy Tolhurst discusses the challenges of being an entrepreneur with LBC’s Iain Dale

Guy Tolhurst speaks to Iain Dale about the pressure, stress and anxiety that come with external funding for a business. He discusses the How they did it book and the upcoming Mindful Investor initiative. Listen to their frank conversation about founders’ and CEOs’ mental health and how important mentorship is for budding entrepreneurs.

Capital is not just about cash – it’s a risk to wellbeing

SME champion Guy Tolhurst touches on the fragile relationship between founder and shareholder, and how understanding pressure is key to growth.

Richmond businessman aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur from Richmond has released an inspiring and motivational coffee table book which details candid stories of business and personal growth from 100 founders and CEOs.

How they did it among 10 Most Inspirational Business Books for 2019

100 Stories of Growth: How they did it has made the select list of CEO Today Magazine.

Business is now a ‘level playing field’
for women, says entrepreneur.

Ahead of the publication of the How they did it book, eporta founder Aneeqa Kahn explains why she believes it’s been important to profile women founders, bringing their inspiring stories to a wider audience of entrepreneurs.

Building bulletproof resiliency: How these entrepreneurs overcame their darkest times

On the brink of divorce, destitution and despondency: Entrepreneurs share their darkest hours as a part of Don’t Lose It initiative, powered by the 100 Stories of Growth campaign.

Careful, don’t lose it – that’s your mind,
not the money

Guy Tolhurst asks: ‘Shouldn’t investors also be asking how much sleep their whizz-kids are getting?’

Is UK “throwing entrepreneurs on rubbish heap”?

Using his personal experiences and the founders’ stories shared with the 100 Stories of Growth campaign, Guy Tolhurst addresses the flaws of relationships between investors and business leaders and offers solutions to the issue.

Mental health toll on building a business

Speaking to talkRADIO, Guy Tolhurst shares a personal account of his mental wellbeing struggles while running three businesses. He reveals the findings of the 100 Stories of Growth campaign’s wellbeing and mental health survey of founders. Tolhurst also talks about the support they need and explains how social expectations can affect business founders’ mental health.

The stress and loneliness of being a small business owner

Guy Tolhurst talks to the Telegraph about how being an SME founder put a strain on his mental wellbeing. He also discusses the impact of the 100 Stories of Growth campaign on promoting mental health awareness among entrepreneurs.

Mental health: ‘I returned to a deafeningly silent home’

Guy Tolhurst shares his personal story with the BBC of how being a business founder has affected his mental health to break the taboo about entrepreneurs’ mental health issues.

One quarter of SME founders say it has affected their mental health

One quarter of British entrepreneurs say that growing their business has affected their mental health, and 8% have sought medical advice, a new study by Intelligent Partnership reveals.

Wellbeing stories shared for World Mental Health Day

Founders of some of the UK’s top high-growth businesses used World Mental Health Day to share the personal toll that building a successful company has had on their wellbeing.

Entrepreneurs reveal toll on health of going it alone in business

The Don’t Lose It Initiative, encouraging entrepreneurs to be more open about the challenges they face, launches today ahead of World Mental Health Day.

Not all capital is created equal

SME leaders must find the right capital to help their business grow, says mentor and SME champion Guy Tolhurst.

Five tips for female entrepreneurs to be successful in crowdfunding

Julie Chen, co-founder of the Cheeky Panda, one of the companies showcased in the 100 Stories of Growth campaign, shares her top tips on how to successfully raise money via crowdfunding.

SME expert, university dropout: Guy Tolhurst reveals his entrepreneurial success despite the odds

Guy Tolhurst talks about the business lessons he learnt from quitting his studies and why building emotional resilience is so crucial for new entrepreneurs. He also shares takeaways from the 100 Stories of Growth campaign.

Smaller-business owners need the space to build their resilience

In a guest column, Guy Tolhurst explores self-belief, the investment runway and emotional wellbeing in the UK’s growth company community.


Sky News’ Sunrise journalists invited Guy Tolhurst and Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids to talk about female business founders. They discussed how female priorities are different from those of male leaders and highlighted the differences in investment between male- and female-led businesses.

Getting To Know You: Guy Tolhurst, entrepreneur, business mentor & founder, Intelligent Partnership.

Business Matters talks to Guy Tolhurst about who inspires him in business and what he’d do if he could turn his business clock back. He also introduces 100 Stories of Growth campaign and gives advice to start-up and scale-up businesses.

Small business leaders to get extra support

London Live interviewed Guy Tolhurst and Rachel Carrell from Koru Kids, featured in the campaign. They talk about our preliminary research findings and challenges that start-ups face on their journey to scale up.

This entrepreneur is campaigning to share 100 growth lessons from UK’s most successful businesses

Guy Tolhurst shares tips and guidance for scaling-up companies while announcing the launch of 100 Stories of Growth Campaign.

Campaign bids to ease pain of start-up founders

ES announces the launch of the campaign.